Stories from the Mat: “Being here is like being with family”


I’m a 14 year old girl who joined Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts in May 2015. Level Ground has had a great impact on my life ever since then. From the first day, feeling like I couldn’t do jujitsu but the support was so high, there was no way that “can’t” could even slip out my mouth. The encouragement made me love it but the advice, the laughter, and determination made me come back over and over again. I’d never seen myself doing Mixed Martial Arts in a million years but I wanted to try something new for a change. Before Level Ground I used to get into a lot of trouble by hanging with the wrong people at wrong times and it wasn’t getting me anywhere in life, it wasn’t helping me grow at all. My old mindset wasn’t like how it is today. I didn’t really care about how anyone felt about me because I didn’t care for myself. I was not only hurting myself but the people around me and it was like when I came to Level Ground they helped me grow and see things more clearly. The love they have for one another taught me that it’s okay to be happy and be loved. Getting on those mats helps me release the pain and anger and allows me to enjoy being myself and being here is like being with family. -M., age 14



December 8th, 2015

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