Our Motivation

Our Motivation



Roxbury, where our home base is located, experiences the highest poverty rate in Boston, with 40% of Latinos and 35% of Black youth live in poverty.

Lack of Access to Education

Lack of Access
to Education

Ninety-five percent of our youth are Black and Latino males, of whom 19% and 14%, respectively, are likely to obtain a college degree. Only 60% of Black males and 53% of Latino males graduate from high school in the state of Massachusetts. In comparison, 85% of White males graduate.



Our students live in the 4 neighborhoods in which 81% of Boston’s homicides take place. Additionally, Black and Latin youth are over-represented in prison. According to the Department of Youth Services, 65% of incarcerated youth in Boston were Black and 25% were Latino, in comparison to 7% White.

Health Disparities


In Boston, obesity rates among Blacks (32%) and Latinos (30%) are close to twice the rate among Whites (17%).

Our Solution

These trends are unacceptable. Level Ground is committed to our students’ success in overcoming the challenges posed by poverty and violence. By unleashing their passion through mixed martial arts, we equip our students to level any and all barriers that stand between them and their dreams.


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