Level Ground promotes first student to blue belt!


We were thrilled to promote our first student to blue belt after 17 months of hard work on his part.  Enrique is an amazing young man with incredible work ethic.  He has come such a long way through his practice of the sport, losing over 100 pounds via consistent training.

Says Enrique, “Before I started Jiu Jitsu I was really lost – making a lot of bad decisions for myself and my future.  Jiu Jitsu has helped me become a lot healthier, lose over 100 pounds, and helped me feel more confident with myself and everything I do.  It has brought amazing people into my life that I’ll never forget.  Through Jiu Jitsu, I’ve become a better brother, son, worker, and friend.  It’s really helped me find out who I truly am, which is a humble, caring, respectful guy that wants nothing but others around me to grow just as I have!”

Check out this emotional video of our Head Instructor, Hudson, surprising Enrique with his new belt!


April 2nd, 2015

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