Level Ground Links Two More Students with Jobs


Level Ground is proud to announce that through our partnership with the Black Ministerial Alliance, two more of our students will be working with us part-time, 20 hours/ week. In their capacities as Program Assistants, they will cultivate a variety of skill sets, including community outreach, professional networking, and program implementation.

Jobs are incredibly hard to come by for young people in urban Boston, so for many, the more lucrative options provided by the streets are tempting. When the kitchen cupboards are empty and scraping up change for the train proves challenging, one has to admit that the decision to enter the streets is not void of logic. We’re talking about providing for basic necessities.

We are thankful that through our partnerships with community organizations and local businesses, we have provided 5 young people with meaningful jobs to date. Help us grow this number so that fewer kids are put in a position where they have to think twice on whether the risk of getting caught on the streets is worth the reward of stocking the fridge. Please consider donating today and sharing the work of Level Ground with friends and family! Oss.

July 11th, 2014

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